Friday, September 7, 2012

Plus-size Is Pretty Too...

Fat, or in its softer term Plus-size, has been associated with the word "UGLY" for years. It isn't until recent years that heavy girls have been appreciated for their looks and style. I credit this newfound appreciation for the "FAT" girl to some of the Plus-size industries best. MTV's TJ Gabbi Fresh, Plus-size Model Essie G., and Style Blogger Allison Teng make Plus-size an interesting thing to be. In no way am I saying that style and looks outweigh health, but I am saying make the most of where you are and love you! Each of these ladies in some form has stated or shown that healthy is the way to be. Their outlook on health brings me such joy being that society always posts the "FAT" girl as unhealthy, lazy, and almost good for nothing. In my opinion beauty is more than body and should at first glance be seen with the mind and not the eye. I introduce to some and present to others:

Gabbi Fresh

Essie G.

Allison Teng

Beauty- A combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense.

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