Friday, September 7, 2012

MTV "Video Music Awards"

As usual, the VMA's were on point last night.  Green laser effects, smoke, and out comes the one and only Rihanna.  I'd rather not rant on the ensemble she performed in last night, so i'll discuss her red carpet look instead. Experimenting with personal style, she wears everything from Gucci to Versace and is obviously not afraid to break rules. Even if breaking the rules means wearing white after Labor Day. Which I have no problem with anyway so Ri, wear what you want! If you missed the VMA's, here is RiRi's look and a couple of other artists that were in attendance at the show. 

CHRIS BREZZY!!!!!! I've never had a celebrity crush before but... I loves me some Chris!!! I'm loving his sleek gray suit. Side bar: Rita Ora, the detailed shoulder appliqués are doing it for me. 

And new Pop sensation "One Direction"!!! I so love them!!! They're like a new aged version of The Beetles!!! 

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