Monday, September 17, 2012

Face Me...

Andy Warhol inspired art!!!
I call this:"Face Me"
Work done by: Willie George 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pink Is Out... Dark Is In!!

In the past 2 years I've gone lipstick crazy, but only crazy enough to wear red and pink(my fav. color btw). This summer my sister and I stumbled across MAC's "Rebel" and fell in love with it's creamy texture and rich dark/wine color!!! After a bit of research, I have found 4 great colors that I NEED IN MY LIFE NOW!!!! These are old and new finds that I'm sure you'll love as well... Enjoy!!!  

Bobbi Brown- "Black Maple" and "Black Raspberry" 

M.A.C.- "Yung Rapunxel"

M.A.C.- "Cyber"

Revlon- "Black Cherry"

I would love to go out on a limb and try black but, it's a bit Goth for me and probably wouldn't look as appealing on me either. These aren't really as dark as I want but, I will continue searching in hopes of finding the right color. 


I find it a great antidote... lipstick and mirrors and hairspray.
~Joanna Lumley

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fall OOTD...

Hey loves!! Today wasn't the first day of fall but it definitely felt like it. Being that I love this time of the year, I chose to dress for it. Here is my Sunday OOTD!! Enjoy!!! The pics: from my Instagram page... 

Lip Color- M.A.C. "Rebel" 
Accessories- Necklace "Sears"
Cuff Bracelet- "World Market" 
Ring- "Love Culture" 

Top- "Marshalls"
Maxi Skirt- "JCPenny's"
Blue Pumps- "Jessica Simpson" 
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

5 Great Items For Fall 2012

Hey loves, fall is approaching and I am so excited! This summer instead of purchasing shorts, tanks, and sandals I decided to prepare for fall being that it's my second favorite season. So here are 5 items that I feel are necessary for this coming season. 

1. Oversized Sweaters

2. Fly Frames (fun shaped, colored, or eccentric)

3. Black Bag (I prefer oversized)

4. Dark Lip (Plum, Burgundy, Wine) 

5. Pointed Toe Pumps

Friday, September 7, 2012

Plus-size Is Pretty Too...

Fat, or in its softer term Plus-size, has been associated with the word "UGLY" for years. It isn't until recent years that heavy girls have been appreciated for their looks and style. I credit this newfound appreciation for the "FAT" girl to some of the Plus-size industries best. MTV's TJ Gabbi Fresh, Plus-size Model Essie G., and Style Blogger Allison Teng make Plus-size an interesting thing to be. In no way am I saying that style and looks outweigh health, but I am saying make the most of where you are and love you! Each of these ladies in some form has stated or shown that healthy is the way to be. Their outlook on health brings me such joy being that society always posts the "FAT" girl as unhealthy, lazy, and almost good for nothing. In my opinion beauty is more than body and should at first glance be seen with the mind and not the eye. I introduce to some and present to others:

Gabbi Fresh

Essie G.

Allison Teng

Beauty- A combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense.

MTV "Video Music Awards"

As usual, the VMA's were on point last night.  Green laser effects, smoke, and out comes the one and only Rihanna.  I'd rather not rant on the ensemble she performed in last night, so i'll discuss her red carpet look instead. Experimenting with personal style, she wears everything from Gucci to Versace and is obviously not afraid to break rules. Even if breaking the rules means wearing white after Labor Day. Which I have no problem with anyway so Ri, wear what you want! If you missed the VMA's, here is RiRi's look and a couple of other artists that were in attendance at the show. 

CHRIS BREZZY!!!!!! I've never had a celebrity crush before but... I loves me some Chris!!! I'm loving his sleek gray suit. Side bar: Rita Ora, the detailed shoulder appliqu├ęs are doing it for me. 

And new Pop sensation "One Direction"!!! I so love them!!! They're like a new aged version of The Beetles!!! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Christian Siriano for PAYLESS???

So yea... Christian Siriano for "Payless" is where it's at this Fall!!! I have definitely got to get my feet into at least one pair!!!! And these are they!!! lol... His designs are not new to the Payless brand, so I'm not surprised at all. But in my opinion, he's taken them to another level of grandiose style!!! #LOVE 

The Allessandra t-strap 

Soul And Couture... (Music And Fashion)

Hey loves!! My name is Keyondra and I love music and fashion!!  I decided that I'd start this blog and share a bit of my life and interests with you.  Being completely addicted to Instagram, I felt that there was a need to post pictures of things that I love and now write about them.  Since music is my LIFE, I chose to use the name "Soul And Couture" from the mixtape I released a month ago named "Soul Couture"!!
Thought it'd be cute to continue on with that name.  So without further ado I present, Soul And Couture. Enjoy!!!